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Hi guys : I would like to print each of my leiningen test methods as they are running. I have a lein tests file that is relatively simple :

(defn myfixture [b] 
    (println "start") 
    (println "end")

(deftest test1 [] .....

I want to see "test1" print out at the repl when I run the tests. Is there a simple way to print the method name (either by calling a method of b in myfixture, or, in the invocation of "lein test" ) ?

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You can get the name of a function like this:

(defn function-name [f]
  (:name (meta f))) 

(defn my-func []
   (println "Hello, world!"))

(let [f my-func]
  (function-name f))
;=> my-func

I don't know if the facility that you are looking for exists in the regular clojure.test but midje has some pretty extensive fixture facilities, this link is maybe worth checking out.

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