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I've just made a new UIView for my UIDatePicker. I was testing it with the default settings and all was ok (UIDatePickerModeDateAndTime) but as soon as I run [[picker picker]]; hell breaks loose..

UIDatePickerModeDateAndTime Mode: UIDatePickerModeDateAndTime

UIDatePickerModeCountDownTimer Mode: UIDatePickerModeCountDownTimer

My debugger console also give 9 errors about not being able to find the mapped image for the following filenames:

  • UITimerPickerFrameRight-180-Bar.png
  • UITimerPickerFrameMiddle-180.png
  • UITimerPickerFrameRight-180-Bar.png
  • UITimerPickerBackground-180.png
  • UITimerPickerFrameLeft-180-Bar.png
  • UITimerPickerFrameMiddle-180.png
  • UITimerPickerFrameRight-180-Bar.png
  • UITimerPickerWheelBackground-180.png
  • UITimerPickerWheelBackground-180.png

the exact error message is Could not find mapped image [IMAGE NAME]

the iPad i'm testing on is an iPad 2 running iOS5, this error can also be replicated on the iPad Simulator on both iOS 4 and 5.

Does anybody know of a walk around to this as the apps deadline is soon and I need this specific mode :/

I also haven't tried to replicate the issue on the iPhone as i know the clocks app doesn't have this issue.

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Make sure you are creating the UIDatePicker with a height of 216.

The UIDatePickerModeCountDownTimer mode has a problem with anything less than that height.

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wow! thanks for the tip, works great now! that should be mentioned somewhere as i searched for quite a bit! – liamnichols Oct 17 '11 at 20:45
@L14M333 and if you'd like this to work with other heights, be sure to request that ability. – Dave DeLong Oct 17 '11 at 21:03

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