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Perhaps it's lame question but strangely after 30 mins of googling I can't find the answer.

What events can fire ? JavaDoc says it implements HasHandlers but it's declared as void fireEvent(GwtEvent<?> event).

How do I know what types it expects so I can catch events by subscribing to them via DeckPanel.addHandler(H handler, GwtEvent.Type<H> type) ?

Specifically I want to catch events when DeckPanel.showWidget() is being called.

Thank you!

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DeckPanel doesn't fire any events itself. The Widget type implements addHandler, primarily for generic DOM event support - there is no built-in event that will be fired when DeckPanel#showWidget() is called. You can implement your own though:

public class MyDeckPanel extends DeckPanel {
  public HandlerRegistration addShowWidgetHandler(
      ShowWidgetEventHandler handler) {
    return addHandler(handler, ShowWidgetEvent.getType());

  public void showWidget(int index) {
    fireEvent(new ShowWidgetEvent(index));
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DeckPanel extends ComplexPanel, so it only implements HasAttachHandlers. So by default you will only receive the AttachEvent as it sinks no other events. But as in with any HTML element, you can make it sink any of the native events by using addDomHandler and addBitlessDomHandler.

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