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I would like to know how can I check if a html is available. If it is not, I would like to control the return to avoid stop the script by error. Ex:

arq <- readLines("www.pageerror.com.br")
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An alternative is try() - it is simpler to work with than trycatch() but isn't as featureful. You might also need to suppress warnings as R will report that it can't resolve the address.

You want something like this in your script:

URL <- "http://www.pageerror.com.br"
arq <- try(suppressWarnings(readLines(con <- url(URL))), silent = TRUE)
close(con) ## close the connection
if(inherits(arq, "try-error")) {
    writeLines(strwrap(paste("Page", URL, "is not available")))
} else {

The silent = TRUE bit suppresses the reporting of errors (if you leave this at the default FALSE, then R will report the error but not abort the script). We wrap the potentially error-raising function call in try(...., silent = TRUE), with suppressWarnings() being used to suppress the warnings. Then we test the class of the returned object arq and if it inherits from class "try-error" we know the page could not be retrieved and issue a message indicating so. Otherwise we can print arq.

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?tryCatch 'Nuff said. <-- Except, apparently not, because the pageweaver demands more characters in an answer. So, "If a chicken and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half, how many eggs do nine chickens lay in nine days?" OK, long enough.

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-1 definitely not "nuff said" because ?trycatch returns no information and using tryCatch is not easy to do - an example would be helpful. –  Abe Jan 22 '13 at 23:02
@Abe -- that's what the text at the bottom of the ?tryCatch output is for. –  Carl Witthoft Jan 23 '13 at 14:31
the bottom of ?tryCatch still leaves me (and apparently many others) searching for answers on SO. –  Abe Jan 23 '13 at 16:25

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