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I've got a queue of data with a window size of 300. New data is added at one end, old values are removed from the other end.

I expect the queue data to stay more or less consistent, e.g.: 10,12,15,10,20, then start to rise sharply: 15,10,20,22,25,26,28,30,32... all the way up to 150 or so. There the data may fluctuate a bit, then it would go down with a similar slope (120,118,116,115...) all the way down to 20 or so.

I'm trying to identify the turning point in this data series programmatically, but my code detects peaks more often than I'd like to. How can I identify when the graph is rising, when it has reached a definitive turning point and when it starts to fall?

     NSNumber* last10 = [queue5Min objectAtIndex:[queue5Min count]-10];

     NSNumber* last240 = [queue5Min objectAtIndex:[queue5Min count]-240];
                int value = 0;
                int last240Int = [last240 intValue];//debug

                //compare against some point in the past
                for(int i = 10; i<20;i++)
                {   last10 = [queue5Min objectAtIndex:[queue5Min count]-i];
                    value += [last10 intValue];
                value = value/10; //find the average of the point in the past
                //attempt to detect sharp rise compared to the past
                if( queueValue5Min >25 && queueValue5Min> [last240 intValue]*2)
                        stateMachine5Min = kActivityRising;
                         NSLog(@">>>>>>>>>>>> 5 min Rising @ %i:, %i, %i",epoch, value,queueValue5Min);
                   }else if(queueValue5Min <value)
                    NSLog(@">>>>>>>>>>>> 5 min FALLING @ %i:, %i, %i",epoch, value,queueValue5Min);
                       stateMachine5Min = kActivityFalling;

                    else if(smallActivityCount5Min == value)
                        NSLog(@">>>>>>>>>>>> 5 min peak @ %i:, %i, %i",epoch, value,queueValue5Min);

                        stateMachine5Min = kSmallActivityAnalyzerActivityPeaked;


                    stateMachine5Min = kSmallActivityAnalyzerActivityFlat;
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This sounds like a question for a statistician...and you may want to try stats.stackexchange.com –  ericgorr Oct 17 '11 at 21:28
Thanks, I'll try that –  Alex Stone Oct 18 '11 at 2:40

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