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I need two functions, one in PHP and the other in Adobe AIR javascript that can calculate the MD5 hash of a file and return identical results for the same file.

I'm using the MD5 function from PHPJS for javascript:

function GetFileMD5(path) {
  var file = new air.File(path);
  if(file.exists) {
    var fileStream = new air.FileStream();              
    fileStream.open(file, air.FileMode.READ);
    var content = fileStream.readUTFBytes(fileStream.bytesAvailable);
    return md5(content);

and in PHP:

function GetFileMD5($path) {
  if($file = fopen($path,'rb')) {
    $content = fread($file, $file.size);
    return md5($content);

I'm not sure which filestream function to use (instead of readUTFBytes to match fread). I've tried various combinations.

Any help?

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The PHP version is definitely wrong. $file.size is generating a nonsensical result, probably something like "Resource id #7size".

A correct (and much simpler) implementation might be:

function GetFileMD5($path) {
    return md5(file_get_contents($path));
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You may also use md5_file function.

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