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I'd like to write my own bash compiler command in c. In fact, I like to use the gcc compiler in this bash script but just to modify a bit.

So, I'd like to have optional commands like -help -backup. But also I want to have -o filename as mandatory input. How do I do that? I want to read -o filename. But the problem seems to be with my understanding of optional and mandatory parameters. How do I differentiate between those two? Here is the code I wrote till now (Thanks a lot for taking a look):


for i in $@
case $i in
                echo "This is how you use this command."
                cp ./* ./backup
                echo "Usage is this"
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It is not clear what you want to do with gcc. By the way, you can look for informations about getopt (gnu utility) and getopts (shell builtin), which are argument parsing tools. –  etuardu Oct 17 '11 at 22:23

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You cannot loop on the parameters with for as one of your arguments expects a value. Use $1 and shift.

For mandatory parameters set a default (eg: empty string) for a the mandatory variable, if it's not set after the parameter parsing you know it's missing.

Also, as @etuardu suggested you can use getopt.

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