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C# problem ...I am recieving from a database a datetime type 1/1/1900 08:00:00 AM and I want to take only the time portion and populate three comboBoxes with HH MM (AM or PM). I have to do the same thing for two diffent sets of data I'm getting...Have no idea how to do it..

Can anyone help?

This is what i got for the moment...I am a newbie :0)

    DateTime bh = Convert.ToDateTime(puf.GetResults["Begin_Hour"].ToString());
    DateTime eh = Convert.ToDateTime(puf.GetResults["End_Hour"].ToString());
    string bhs=bh.ToShortTimeString();
    string ehs=eh.ToShortTimeString();
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Where do you get trouble? Any exception message? –  Gert Arnold Oct 17 '11 at 22:28

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What you have ought to work fine to just get the time.

You could use the ToString() method which has an overload where you can give your custom formats. Refer to this MSDN link.

So you can use bhs.ToString("t"); to print the hour, minutes and AM/PM.

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Use this (dt is your DateTime object)

bhs.Format("{0:t}", dt);

The result will be in your desired format: "4:05 PM"

You can read more here: String Format for DateTime

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If you're using objects/datatables, it might be a good option to just set the DisplayMember/ValueMember properties in conjunction with the FormatString property. Set the FormattingEnabled = true, FormatString = "t", DisplayMember = ValueMember = "[Begin_Hour|End_Hour]".

Note that [|] syntax is borrowing from Regex, meaning either value will work. Then just assign the underlying datasource to the ComboBox.DataSource property. It's usually a good idea to handle display/formatting on your UI elements and keep the data elements unchanged, which is why a lot of controls provide these various data display properties.

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