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Related to this question: Create a new jquery chained method, how do I do an advanced find and replace in Visual Studio (or even Notepad++ or something else) to find:


And replace with:


This is because I've created a new jQuery chained method:

$("#SaveButton").click(function () {

To replace this

$("#SaveButton").click(function () {

And now I need to find and replace all instances of the old method call with the new chained method.

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Use regular expressions in the Find options of Find/Replace dialog.

Hope that helps.

NB: I run screaming madly at the mere notion of having a stab at your particular expression but it is really just a transform of a number of matches so should be doable.

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Ah no that doesn't help - regular expressions are way beyond my limited abilities :) I don't know how to do the matching part or the replacing part with regex. But yes I agree it probably will require regex to do this. –  JK. Oct 17 '11 at 23:16

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