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Now that iOS 5 is out and compatible with iPhone 3GS & up, should we still support iOS 4?

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This is a silly question. It obviously depends on your particular situation. – titaniumdecoy Oct 17 '11 at 23:50
I still use iOS 3.2, and I refuse to install any app that requires upgrading because I can't be bothered with the nightmare of an upgrade, I guess you have to ask if the customers like me are worth the extra effort (if there is any extra effort) – tobyodavies Oct 17 '11 at 23:50
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The general rule of thumb is if you want to live as close to the edge with Apple that you support the current and previous releases. That means with iOS 5 in the wild that you continue to support iOS 4 until iOS 6 is released.

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If iOS 5 specific features aren't needed, then YES. People with iPhone 3G's and older iPod Touches won't be able to upgrade to iOS5. Also, there is a lag in how long it takes for the entire population of app users to migrate to iOS5.

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Yes, according to Read Write Web, 25 million people have updated to iOS5, which is only about 25% according to an article from March 2011.

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Definitely NOT, there is still a ton of users running iOS 4.0, besides there isn't that much that you can do with iOS 5.0 that you can't with iOS 4.0

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