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I have a new website and I was wondering about the license specifics regarding Segoe UI, a font Microsoft uses on lots of stuff. Do I need a license if I use the font in any way on a website, or do I only need a license if I use in in a @font-face manner? If so, what is a cheap way to get a license/how can I get one?



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The official answer is,

Please fill out the form below to contact Monotype Imaging regarding our various font license extensions for multiple workstations, servers or enterprise-wide applications. We will respond promptly to all inquiries. Thank you.

They do mention the usage on web server explicitly, so I'd ask first and took it from there.

Update: That is, regardless of the answer you can get here, they are the copyright holders, and even if you have a trick to get around them, it's safer and easier to ask.

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Microsoft publishes the Segoe WP font family under the Apache license as part of the LightSwitch Metro Theme Extension Sample for Visual Studio 11. The fonts are stored in the folder C#\MetroThemeExtension\MetroThemeExtension.Client\Presentation\Fonts.

Update: The 6/19/2012 update to the sample removed the Fonts folder.

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