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I'm setting up a single webpage that displays multiple drag-and-drop activities, each within their own div. Users should to be able to reset each individual activity via a "repeat activity" button below each. The activities also make use of a shuffle script so each time they are "reloaded" the order of the drag/drop elements switch around. I have managed to get to the point of getting the divs to reset their content on the button click using:

<input type="button" id="refresh1" onClick="$('div#exercise-1 div.draggroup div').shuffle(); $('div#exercise-1 div.audiogroup div.audioplayer').shuffle();" value="Repeat exercise">

...combined with...

$(function refreshex1() {
    $("#refresh1").click(function() {
        $('#exercise-1').load('initials.html #exercise-1')

... however, the .load overwrites the shuffle (you can see the shuffle for a split second before the .load places the elements back in their hard-coded order), and also kills the drag/drop ability. And in IE the buttons no longer play the audio after clicking the button.

This is the page here - if anyone can come up with working solutions to any of the issues above, I would be eternally grateful! Let me know if you require any additional info.


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rebind event handlers after load, or use event delegation –  Esailija Oct 18 '11 at 1:10
Are you able to explain either of those suggestions in a bit more detail? Sorry - learning-as-I-go here :) –  ellawson Oct 18 '11 at 23:29

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