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Which programming language should be used for doing a project? What do we need to consider when we have to make a decision about this ?

I know this depends on many things.

  1. If the executable file performance is much more important than project speed, we need to use compile language to get high performance. Otherwise, we use script language, which can do fast implementations of ideas.

  2. If portability is more important than performance, script languages are a good choice.

  3. Re-usability and expandability is an advantage of Object-oriented language.

Are there other factors that should be considered ?


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Decision about what - foreign keys? This question makes absolutely no sense as written. –  duffymo Oct 18 '11 at 1:09
Why did you tag this C++? It seems you already know what language you're using. Secondly, this question isn't appropriate for Stack Overflow; there is absolutely no objective way to answer it with the details you've provided. It's hard to tell what you're even asking - are you asking which points to consider when choosing a language, or which language you should choose? It's doomed to be closed in its current format. –  meagar Oct 18 '11 at 1:39

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In answer to your questions, use whatever language you (or your team) are most comfortable with.

In answer to your specific points,

  1. You almost certainly don't need the kind of performance you get from moving from an interpreted to a compiled language
  2. C++ is just as portable (if written properly) as any interpreted language, arguably more so.
  3. Virtually every language you could possibly consider supports some degree of OOP, "Should I use OOP" isn't really a valid question any more.
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