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These are the Hadoop Logging Message I was trying to surpress

11/10/17 19:42:23 INFO mapred.MapTask: (EQUATOR) 0 kvi 26214396(104857584)
11/10/17 19:42:23 INFO mapred.MapTask: 100
11/10/17 19:42:23 INFO mapred.MapTask: soft limit at 83886080
11/10/17 19:42:23 INFO mapred.MapTask: bufstart = 0; bufvoid = 104857600
11/10/17 19:42:23 INFO mapred.MapTask: kvstart = 26214396; length = 6553600

I suppose they are configured by logg under the conf directory under the hadoop installation directory. No matter how I remove the logger, comment out the logger, and even rename the They are still being printed. Please advise.

Also I suspect these massive messages will impact the overall performance if the volume is big. Thanks,

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You have to increase the log level to WARN, I assume it is currently on INFO. Maybe you have to recompile because the properties may also contained in jar.

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Hadoop came with about 50-60 jars. I would appreciate if someone could share their expience how they solve this issue. –  johnsam Oct 18 '11 at 14:27
Hadoop < 21.0 came with exactly ONE jar. Since 21.0 it ships with 3 jars (common, HDFS, mapreduce). It is not too much work to deflate them and take a look at it? –  Thomas Jungblut Oct 18 '11 at 14:33
Tom, you are correct about three 3 jars. But run time, it requires the rest 50-60 jars to run the mapred appl. I am still clueless which one to disable. But whatever it worth, I renamed all the And the logging disapeared. –  johnsam Oct 18 '11 at 15:24

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