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Is it possible to establish a Many-To-Many relationship between objects in Google App Engine?
I am a newbie in GAE and still reading about it. The coding seems quite different from the usual Java coding I am used to. I've read the Getting Started guestbook tutorial. So, can I get any help/tutorials/videos/knowledge from GAE users??
Thank you.

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About documentation this is a good start point:

Respect to many to many relationship from :

We can model a many-to-many relationship by maintaining collections of keys on both sides of the relationship. Let's adjust our example to let Food keep track of the people that consider it a favorite:

import java.util.Set;

// ...
    private Set<Key> favoriteFoods;

import java.util.Set;

// ...
    private Set<Key> foodFans;

In this example, the Person maintains a Set of Key values that uniquely identify the Food objects that are favorites, and the Food maintains a Set of Key values that uniquely identify the Person objects that consider it a favorite. When modeling a many-to-many using Key values, be aware that it is the app's responsibility to maintain both sides of the relationship:

// ...
public void addFavoriteFood(Food food) {

public void removeFavoriteFood(Food food) {
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thank you. I'm reading the doc! :) – Kiara Oct 18 '11 at 8:30
knowning about j2ee turned out to be helpful! – Kiara Sep 19 '12 at 9:54

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