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I am trying to do a CRUD as mentioned in Jobeet tutorial(http://agiletoolkit.org/learn/tutorial/jobeet/day3). I have also added a generate.php inside page directory with the code mentioned in the link. When I try to access it via browser by http://localhost/atk4.1.2/?page=generate I am getting the following error,

You should call parent::init() when you override it

Additional information: 

 - object_name: gift_project_generate

 - class: page_generate

I also have added a page named crud.php with the following contents inside the page directory the contents of which are as follows,

class page_crud extends Page{
    function init(){

The following is the Gift.php inside the Model directory,

class Model_Gift extends Model_Table {
    function init(){

Now when I try to access the crud page via http://localhost/atk4.1.2/?page=crud, I see the following errors,

You should define entity code for Model_Gift


But the database already has a table named gift and $this->dbConnect(); is not commented in Frontend.php.

Am I missing something here?

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Add this to your model definition:

public $enity_code='gift';

This should be exactly same as the name of your table in SQL.

The other error you are getting about init() not being called is a bug: https://github.com/atk4/atk4/issues/22

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