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I have just learnt that there is a library "Web Client Software Factory 2010" for ASP.Net development. It seems to be useful for modular ASP.Net Development.

When I am directed by this link to this download link, I saw a red notice saying: "This project is no longer being maintained and no future releases are planned."

So it is still worth it to invest the time to learn and use this library?

All constructive comments are welcome!

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I would suggest to spend time learning ASP.Net MVC rather than spending time learning WCSF. The more you would learn the MVC flavour the more you are going to love it. ASP.Net MVC has built a better abstraction over HTTP than ASP.Net.
WCSF provides a better MVP implementation for ASP.Net but still i believe the underlying abstraction model for ASP.Net is flawed and no framework can bridge this flaw. But if you want to stay invested in ASP.Net for long term there is no reason not to look into it.

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I had to solve this issue so i invested some time and got it done. All the info+source+packages on

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I suggest you read this article: where it's shown how to implement the MVP pattern without using WCSF. But I suggest you, for new projects, to use MVC that is well-supported by Microsoft. I use WCSF only for those customers who do not require MVC, not without many difficulties in getting WCSF with the latest Microsoft frameworks.

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