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I have taken a database class this semester and we are studying about maintaining cache consistency between the RDBMS and a cache server such as memcached. The consistency issues arise when there are race conditions. For example: 1. Suppose I do a get(key) from the cache and their is a cache miss. Because I get a cache miss, I fetch the data from the database, and then do a put(key,value) into the cache. 2. But, a race condition might happen, where some other user might delete the data I fetched from the database. This delete might happen before I do a put into the cache.

Thus, ideally the put into the cache should not happen, since the data is longer present into the database.

If the cache entry has a TTL, the entry in the cache might expire. But still, their is a window where the data in the cache is inconsistent with the database.

I have been searching for articles/research papers which speak about this kind of issues. But, I could not find any useful resources.

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How about using a variable save in memcache as a lock signal?

every single memcache command is atomic

after you retrieved data from db, toggle lock on

after you put data to memcache, toggle lock off

before delete from db, check lock state

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