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I have created a Apache CXF Webservices . It is working fine . It was deployed successfuly as a war file into Tomcat .

The Webservice is running fine

Means when i tried to access with


it is fine

but when i tried to add a html page or a jsp page into its folder and tried to access


It gave me a error

No Service Found on to the browser

The Test.html is a simple page

What's your name? <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=username SIZE=20><BR>
What's your e-mail address? <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=email SIZE=20><BR>
What's your age? <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=age SIZE=4>
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Do you have web.xml for this? – jaxb Oct 18 '11 at 11:51

I assume that your web service is running on Apache CXF servlet on context path: SpringEx which is defined in web application descriptor web.xml. Something like this:

    <description>Apache CXF Endpoint</description>

The reason you get this error is because Apache CXF servlet is mapped to only listen to that context: SpringEx and apply only to services defined in your Spring configuration (or not spring, depends on how you configuring your endpoint). It does not serve you any HTML or JSP pages.

This definitely not good idea to make a web service and then put some web front end in it. But anyway. If your CXF servlet is mapped as I showed you above you just simply put your JSP pages under WEB-INF folder and access them by do not defining URL pattern which applies only for web service.

Like this:


If your web services CXF servlet is mapped like this:


and the SpringEx is the name of the application, then you need to do something like this:


Now your web service will be accessible through:


And your JSP or HTML through:

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