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I have a web Application uses an image as the background of the menubar. This images is in Appthemes/Images folder. We are calling this image from CSS class as url(../App_Themes/Images/GridHeader.png);. The same image is used as background for buttons and grid headers. I have published it in IIS under the port 85. Then the images are showing correctly. But I have to use 85 as a common port for different websites. So I created a virtual directory for this application in port 85. Now it can be accessed as Now background image for button is working correctly. But background image for menu bar and grid header are not displaying. Plz help.

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A possible reason for this could be that the CSS would be in a sub-folder.

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Yha Path to it need to be correted...... –  Arun Kumar Oct 18 '11 at 6:32

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