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Probably is a basic issue but I am trying to set an array objectAtIndex from another array and following gives an error. Thanks for help.

[self.appUrl objectAtIndex: 0] = [self.appCell objectAtIndex: 1];
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NSArray's are not mutable. If you want to change an object you can;

NSMutableArray *arrayCopy = [originalArray mutableCopy];
[arrayCopy replaceObjectAtIndex:0 withObject:newObject];
//assign the changed copy to the original variable name.
originalArray = arrayCopy;


[self.appUrl objectAtIndex: 0] = [self.appCell objectAtIndex: 1];


NSMutableArray *copy = [self.appUrl mutableCopy];
[copy replaceObjectAtIndex:0 withObject:[self.appCell objectAtIndex:1]];
[self.appUrl mutableCopy];

Or simply declare your Array as mutable:

@property (nonatomic,retain) NSMutableArray *appUrl;
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I did it and does not give any compiling errors but when I execute it, crashes returning EXC_BAD_ACCES. [self.appUrl replaceObjectAtIndex:0 withObject:[self.appCell objectAtIndex: 1]]; –  Jaume Oct 18 '11 at 7:21
UPDATE: Solved, working. –  Jaume Oct 18 '11 at 7:31
Yeah, sorry. If there are no objects you can't replace any you just use addObject:. –  NJones Oct 18 '11 at 8:27
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You can declare array as mutable and then call replaceObjectAtIndex:WithObject

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