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I want to make a frame that can be hidden and shown alternatively. The problem is Tk does not provide any hide/unpack command. I use vtcl and there is an option "Window hode" which only hides the window at top level. Now I want to hide a frame and later show the same frame again. It can be thought of as unpacking one frame and showing the other. My code can be like this:

proc show1hide2 { } {
    global i top
    if {$i == 1} {
        unpack $top.frame1
        pack $top.frame2
        set i 0
    } else {
        unpack $top.frame2
        pack $top.frame1
        set i 1

In this procedure, $top.frame1 and $top.frame2 were previously filled and value of $i is toggled hence $top.frame1 and $top.frame2 are shown alternatively when this proc is called. All, I want to know is that does there exists and command like unpack which can help me do this? By the way, unpack here is just an idea.

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I think that the pack forget command might be what you are looking for:

proc toggle {} {
    global state
    if {$state == 1} {
        pack forget .r
        pack .g   -side bottom -fill x
        set state 0
    } else {
        pack forget .g
        pack .r   -side bottom -fill x

        set state 1

set state 1

# Make the widgets
label .r -text "Red Widget"    -bg red
label .g -text "Green Widget" -bg green
button .tog -text "Toggle" -command toggle
# Lay them out
pack .tog
pack .r   -side bottom -fill x
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+1: You can use pack info to get the information to save about the packed window between calls so that the restore works properly. Alternatives are to use grid which has grid remove as well as grid forget, and I think you can configure the ttk::notebook widget to not have tabs with a suitable style (which has some advantages with widget layout). Alas, style hacking remains Deep Voodoo to a far greater extent than it should. :-( – Donal Fellows Oct 18 '11 at 9:11
Great code! I just wanted to know whether the windows shrinks and grows between the two pack commands (or adjusts the size only after the second pack as needed). Result: No shrink and grow-again, just one window size adjustment after the command handler "toggle" has finished. I have tested this by inserting after 1000 between the two pack commands (to wait one second). My interpretation: Tcl/Tk is single threaded and must wait until the end of the function execution. – R Yoda Jan 8 at 16:45

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