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Take a look at this picture:enter image description here

This is how i got the handle of the window enclosed by black box.

          Process[] processes = Process.GetProcessesByName("TopazChat");
          foreach (Process p in processes)

              List<IntPtr> test = GetChildWindows(p.MainWindowHandle);
               foreach (IntPtr IGotIt in test)
                   MessageBox.Show("I got the child windows");

My question is: how to get the handle of the windows that was enclosed by red box? and is there something wrong with my approach?

any suggestions? I just use that approach because it is the only one that is familiar to me..

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That other window is another a top-level window in the same process that implements one of the visible windows in the app. This is an old Delphi 7 app which implements a hidden top-level window that is outside the visible window hierarchy. That hidden window is the one you have found, highlighted in black, with class name TApplication.

If I were you I would p/invoke a call to EnumWindows to get all the top level windows which will include the visible main windows for that app. This would be implemented in a very similar way to your GetChildWindows method.

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Thanks for the fast reply, I'll try it – user848682 Oct 18 '11 at 6:45

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