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I want to create a custom splash screen where some text on the page will end up being the progress bar. I need the text to flood fill with color from left to right based on the % loaded. My first thought (since I'm not use to doing this type of UI related stuff) was to have a textblock with the forecolor being trasparent layered over something like a border with its backcolor set and then grow the border control based on the %, but this is such a hack, there has to be something better with all the wonderful things silverlight can do. I had also thought about using a image so I could outline the text, but noticed the image was slow and was the last thing to load on my splash screen.

Any ideas on the right way to acomplish this?

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You say flood fill, does that mean the text has a stroke for its edges or is the unrevealed text not visible at all? Also do you mean a true Silverlight Splash screen to be displayed while the Xap loads? – AnthonyWJones Oct 18 '11 at 8:08
I would like the text to have an outline (border) so that you can read it even before the color is filled in. Yes, a true silverlight splash screen. I was looking at turning the text into a path in blend, but I still don't know how to fill the color based on a % – Tyler Oct 18 '11 at 16:51

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