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I am doing an API call to FindExecutableA (Ansi version of FindExecutable) via shell32.dll from Smalltalk, but when I send UNC paths like


it returns error code 2, which basically means that the system could not find the given path.

The strange thing is that when I use paths like


where C$ is the shared name of C:\ in my Pc, then it works.

I would like to make it work for "normal" UNC paths like the first one I wrote above. The system I am using is Windows XP SP3 and the shell32.dll has version number 6.0.2900.6072

I've been searching the net without luck. Has anyone got any tips?


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Which Smalltalk are you using? Squeak/Pharo? Cincom? Dolphin? Other? – Frank Shearar Oct 18 '11 at 10:00
Are you sure with the number of backslashes in your examples? The paths should be \\serverName\sharedFolder\filename and \\myPcName\C$\sharedFolder\filename, right? – Michael Oct 20 '11 at 21:10

According to the error code 2returned from FindExecutable is: "The specified file was not found"

This means your UNC paths are invalid, use \\servername\sharename\dirname\filename

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