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What are the benefits of using HTML5 and CSS3 a) from development perspective b) from end user perepective ?

I know the standard CSS3 things like border radius, gradient, transforms ,etc

Also any downside of using HTML5 apart from lack of support in older browsers ?

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Do you know what are benefits of HTML and CSS? Multiply it in 5 and 3 –  Mohsen Oct 18 '11 at 7:36
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Look here : http://www.html5arena.com/blog/html5/10-major-advantages-of-html5/ there you'll find 10 major advantages if HTML5

Also the browser support : http://html5test.com/results.html or http://www.deepbluesky.com/blog/-/browser-support-for-css3-and-html5_72/

The disadvantages : http://dvirbab.blogspot.com/2010/03/disadvantages-of-using-html-5.html

Soon, the HTML5 standard will be able to work properly on all browsers.

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A few benefits that I knew:

Rich Interface elements not requiring third party plugins.

Seperation of content and design

Enhanced Mobile Support

New Programming Interfaces

Some Cons

HTML5 will not get rid of Flash

HTML5 doesn't use XML Syntax

Too many tags / Tag Soup

And the future:

Current mobile browser technology will be the next battle ground.

HTML5 and CSS3 will even the odds with supporting more and more platforms.

The web will no longer be a second class user interface.

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