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I have some MVC code:

throw new HttpException(403, "my error text", new Exception("Show me this message"));

In javascript I have a function:

changeTextFormat = function (data) {


There is a lot of info in the responseText but what I'm wanting to get access to is "my error text" or "Show me this message".

Can anybody tell me how to get this out of the responseText.

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You can access the message if you use the following arguments for your error handling method:

function (request, statusText, errorMsg) {
    // use errorMsg to get only the exception message

If you are using $.post() you can define it this way:

$.post(url, data, function (data) { 
    ... success callback ... 
}).error(function (request, statusText, errorMessage) {...});

or if your calling your action method via the Ajax helper by defining the OnFailure property:

// javascript
var handleError = function (request, statusText, errorMsg) { ... };

// view
@Ajax.BeginForm(..., new AjaxOptions { OnFailure = "handleError" })
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I recommend you use the JSON to show the exception.

{"error":"my error text","message":"Show me this message"}

And then parse it:

function getData(data){
var error=data.error;
var message=message.message;
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