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Is there a trick or script that allows me to switch between sets of vim-plugins and -settings easily?

I use vim for very different development and writing. It can be really annoying to have certain webdevelopment-specific plugins turn up, when writing a report in LaTeX, for example.

What I'd like to see is something like RVM.

  • Have a set of "global" plugins and settings; plugins and settings that are always enabled or used.
  • Per project plugins and settings; pluginss, configurations and settings that will be loaded after activating that "environment".
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Vim has a runtimepath variable, which can obviously be set in the vimrc. As far as I understand it, though, you would have to restart vim for the change to take effect. –  daniel kullmann Oct 18 '11 at 8:05
I don't mind restarting. I will know what "environment" to start up in, before I am starting vim. Having the .vim in git and switch branches would work; if not for duplicating and managing becoming a hassle. –  berkes Oct 18 '11 at 8:32
Is the "per-project" filetype-specific? If so, you may just need your plugins to be ftplugins. Also, see :help LocalLeader to help separate global vs filetype plugin maps. –  idbrii Aug 22 '12 at 15:08

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You may find localvimrc to be useful for point number two. It allows you to have a .lvimrc in your project folder with settings for that specific project. In that file you could load your project-specific plugins by manipulating the runtimepath or by using pathogen/vundle/whatever.

Using this method you would configure your "global" settings and plugins as you would normally.

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Nice question IMHO. By the way, using a plugin manager could simplify this kind of stuff too. For example, with pathogen you can do something like:

" To disable a plugin, add it's bundle name to the following list
let g:pathogen_disabled = []

if your_condition
   call add(g:pathogen_disabled, 'myplugin')
   call add(g:pathogen_disabled, 'myplugin2')

See this answer for a good example about conditional loading. It would be very nice to see this feature implemented in pathogen.

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I'd just make aliases

alias mvim='vim -u myvimrc'

alias ovim='gvim -U someothervimrc'

Ans yes you could use runtimepath inside the vimrc-s to setup very different configurations

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