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I want to add simple char counter functionality on some of the description and meta field on magento product administration backend. Just like on this below screenshot.

You can see that simple char counter on the right side of meta title and meta description text box

I did that by adding simple prototype script into one of the JS file which get loaded on magento admin HTML. I choose browser.js (/js/mage/adminhtml/browser.js) for that because that is the last script which get loaded on the backend area of my magento installation. This is my prototype script chunk of code:

Event.observe(window, 'load', function() {

    Element.insert( $('meta_title').up().next().down('span'), { 
        'after': "<div id='meta_title_counter'>Char count: <span id='meta_title_counter_num'>"+(69-$('meta_title').getValue().length)+"</span></div>"
    Element.insert( $('meta_description').up().next().down('span'), { 
        'after': "<div id='meta_description_counter'>Char count: <span id='meta_description_counter_num'>"+(156-$('meta_description').getValue().length)+"</span></div>"
    Element.insert( $('short_description').up().next().down('span'), { 
        'after': "<div id='short_description_counter'>Char count: <span id='short_description_counter_num'>"+$('short_description').getValue().length+"</span></div>"
    Element.insert( $('description').up().next().down('span'), { 
        'after': "<div id='description_counter'>Char count: <span id='description_counter_num'>"+$('description').getValue().length+"</span></div>"

    Event.observe('meta_title', 'keyup', function(event) {  
        $counter = 69-$('meta_title').getValue().length;
        if($counter < 0){ $("meta_title_counter").setStyle({ color: 'red' }); }
        else{ $("meta_title_counter").setStyle({ color: '#6F8992' }); }
    Event.observe('meta_description', 'keyup', function(event) {
        $counter = 156-this.getValue().length;
        if($counter < 0){ $("meta_description_counter").setStyle({ color: 'red' }); }
        else{ $("meta_description_counter").setStyle({ color: '#6F8992' }); }
    Event.observe('short_description', 'keyup', function(event) {   $("short_description_counter_num").update(this.getValue().length);  });
    Event.observe('description', 'keyup', function(event) { $("description_counter_num").update(this.getValue().length);    });

I do realize that what I've done is such a quick and dirty trick. I practically edit the core file. That means that this script will removed after an upgrade of magento. My boss ask me to put this functionality into a module. But I don't have any experience on creating magento module. I've tried to find some basic tutorial on how to create simple magento module. But none of those tutorial gives me a way to inject new script. This one may be the closest guide:


but I still don't have any idea at all where to start to begin this simple module creation. I'm sorry if this question feels too newbie, but I really need help here and unlike the usual, this time Google can't help me out (or at least I can't find a good keyword to start googling). So here I am hoping that somebody out there would be glad to help me :)

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Try in your module file with admin layout updates add

    <reference name="head">
        <action method="addJs"><script>your_js_file.js</script></action>

or even

    <reference name="head">
        <action method="addJs"><script>your_js_file.js</script></action>

to add load your js file on all admin pages.

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thanks :) i'll try it out –  Mustafa Kamal Oct 20 '11 at 6:41

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