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This is a quite interesting question, in my opinion. I have a strongly typed view using the WebForm view Engine, I don't know if changing to razor would solve my problem.

PROBLEM: I have one view with a list of cars, so of type IList <Car>. And I have a button "Create a new Car" that popups, the popup is a form that is hidded and you call a jQuery UI command $('formName').dialog() to popup it, this form has the attributes of the possible new car, so probably a new view with a strongly typed Car. After fill in the form the database should be populated with the new car, and the list of cars should be refreshed using Ajax. The main problem is that I can't use HTML Helpers to IList <Car> and for Car at the same time.

Briefly: What is the strongly type for that view ? Is it possible to define two views and the other one call using pop-up? Changing it to Razor would solve my problem?

Best regards,

Tito Morais

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I can't tell what your problem is. But there's nothing in Razor you can't do in WebForms. I prefer Razor myself, but changing won't solve your 'problem'. –  Andrew Barber Oct 18 '11 at 8:09
Nobody will provide a solid answer unless you post your code sample here. I sort of understood what you need but that could be wrong so post the code, pls. –  tugberk Oct 18 '11 at 8:30

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Don't mix the views for listing the cars and creating a new car together.

For instance, you can make a popup that dynamically loads a "_CreateCar" partial view, using jQuery dialog or similar component. Then when the partial view is completed, reload the list view using another Ajax call.

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Maybe not so much an elegant solution is to create a complex view model like:

class ListAndCreate
 public IList<Car> AllCars {get;set;}
 public Car NewCar {get;set;}

IMO this is correct since that one view is responsible for listing all cars and creating a new one. Now, I'm assuming that your NewCar has values coming from your controller or something, where you need to pass a model to your view.

The other approach, that @Jonas mentions is also correct and more unitized. You could create a partial view _CreateCar with type Car, render it with Jquery/Ajax to load it into a dialog/popup and have the form POST to a Create(Car c) method in your controller.

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