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I'm designing a user interface for a large touchscreen device running Linux. What would be the best toolkit/developer kit/SDK to use? The only requirement is that its able to run on a semi-low performace device, and that there is a Linux version.

Nice-to-haves would be build in support for effects/animations and a modern look-and-feel, but they are not necessary.

I'm looking at Adobe Flex/AIR already, but I'm not sure if the device will meet the minimum specs.

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Try QTopia (http://trolltech.com/products/qtopia) It's from the same stable as the popular Qt desktop toolkit.

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I agree with Mopoke, QTopia is what you want.

  • It has support from some graphics hardware (2d and 3d), and can also use the kernel framebuffer device if that's all you need.

  • It's based on Qt, a very well-designed object-oriented GUI framework

  • It's available for both open-source and commercial projects, although closed-source projects need to pay a license fee.

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You should check out whatever tool-kits are used for the Chumby. It's a completely open-source Linux device (open schematic, open source software, etc) with a very rich user-interface (color touch-screen, builtin wifi, USB ports, etc). I believe it's user-submitted "applications" are Adobe Flex/Flash based but there are a variety of open "hacks" including a port of Quake that can be easily downloaded and run.

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You can try Disko.

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Check out Clutter.

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QTopia is indeed a good option; others are DirectFB, and of course X11 generally running Matchbox.

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CodeTyphon can let you easily code, visually design and cross compile GUI touch screen applications for embedded linux.


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