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May be I'm missing something, but it's not clear for me, should I buy license for fonts, if I just use system wide available fonts in iOS application?

I'm not distributing fonts, i just specifying it's names for displaying labels.

It would be great to see explicit terms and agreements.

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Fun fact: typefaces are not protected under U.S. copyright:

However, the explicit binary files representing them can be. (And the ones that ship with iOS all probably are.) Yet as long as you're not shipping binary font files around...and only referring to them by're fine. No problem.

If you want to read some legalese about fonts, and see some of the FSF's take on font use in software, here's an article:

Additional fun fact: here's a list of the fonts in IOS:

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Thank you! It seems strange that list of system wide available fonts is not provided on official developer resources. And the list on related to latest iOS 5.0. These facts make a bit of confusion. – rudyryk Oct 18 '11 at 9:05

Licenses for fonts or other media included in iOS or OSX have already been paid by Apple for including in their operating system. This means that you can use them freely(they've already been paid for), but you don't have any rights and can't redistribute them.

Using system-provided fonts in your app is like using Helvetica when writing a desktop document. You don't have to pay a license for it, 'cause Apple did when including it in the OS.

If, on the other hand, you want to use a commercial font not already provided by the OS developer, then you will need to license it.

PS. same goes for art or sounds provided by the system versus custom others that you want to add in your app.

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"This means that you can use them freely(they've already been paid for), but you don't have any rights and can't redistribute them." Does this stated explicitly in agreements? Terms of Usage or something like that. I've looked for it, but didn't managed. – rudyryk Oct 18 '11 at 9:31

It is important to note that while you'll most likely have to get addition license to include the font binary inside the app, you can create all the required captions as image files and make use of them without any charges.

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