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I assume that all I need to do is to:

  1. Create an sql file e.g. nameofsqlfile.sql contents:

    perform proc_my_sql_funtion();

  2. Execute this as a cron job.

However, I don't know the commands that I'd need to write to get this cron job executed as a postgres function for a specified host,port,database, user & his password...?

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You just need to think of cronjob as running a shell command at a specified time or day.

So your first job is to work out how to run your shell command.

psql --host host.example.com --port 12345 --dbname nameofdatabase < my.sql

You can then just add this to your crontab (I recommend you use crontab -e to avoid breaking things)

# runs your command at 00:00 every day
# min hour wday month mday command-to-run
    0    0    *     *    * psql --host host.example.com --port 12345 --dbname nameofdatabase < my.sql
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Check this

http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-admin/2000-10/msg00026.php and http://www.dbforums.com/postgresql/340741-cron-jobs-postgresql.html

or you can just create a bash script to include your coding and call it from crontab

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In most cases you can put all of the sql source in a shell 'here document'. The nice thing about here documents is that the shell's ${MY_VAR} are expanded even within single quotes, e.g:





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