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I was trying to install XML_Query2XML package but I am getting below error (I tried to install without -o parameter too, but got same error)

C:\Users\devdiu>pear install -o XML_Query2XML

No releases available for package pear.php.net/XML_Query2XML install failed

Then I tried to install with specific version (which is latest as on today)

C:\Users\devdiu>pear install -o XML_Query2XML-1.7.2

No releases available for package "pear.php.net/XML_Query2XML" install failed

Does any one know the issue?

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The same problem seems to have been described (and solved) here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2006626/installing-phpunit-via-pear – user1006028 Oct 20 '11 at 20:37
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I already tried that too. I have no clue why its giving error. I have installed it 3 times before I started getting this error. I actually wanted to ask different question but I stuck up at this one now.

Alternate way

I am manually copying the files into PEAR folder, to avoid further wastage of time


I got the solution in the link Lukas reconmended and resolved using this command (there are multiple accepted solutions there)

shell>pear clear-cache

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