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Due to a Migration from Office 2000 to Office 2010 my word templates names has changed (from *.dot to *.dotm). Now I want to update the declaration of attached templates specified in existing documents. I wrote a little procedure for mapping "old" and "new" template names, but run into trouble with retrieving the old template name. When opening the documents with, the specified attached template couldn't be found, so Normal.dotm is applied as default and my mapping doesn't work. I didn't find a way to shut down the automatic resolving of attached templates. Strange behavior: after opening the document the original template name can be seen at the documents properties but ?ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate is 'Normal.dotm'

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Try this:

MsgBox Dialogs(wdDialogDocumentStatistics).Template
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Dialogs(wdDialogDocumentStatistics).Template has the path of the template the document once was created. With that info my mapping works now. Thanks. BTW: Word looks for the documents template 1. the creation location 2. the folder the document is saved in 3. the specified folders for user / workgroup templates – mamuesstack Oct 20 '11 at 12:34

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