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I need to resize a large image using But when i resize using bitmap property, its quality gets reduced. Is there any methods to improve the image quality? Thanks in advance...

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I used to enlarge my images with this tool :

It offers many different algorithms and I was really satisfied with it.

Take a look if you can interact with a dll, it works most of the time. Ideally you should find a way to tell him to enlarge a file with a specific algorithm, then catch the new image on the server-side.

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The results are awesome for me for graphics, resizing a .jpg two times larger. (I used S-spline-Max/Graphics Detailed Mode) – TiansHUo Apr 5 '12 at 7:10

I would use ImageMagick convert (or mogrify) in the following way:

convert input.png -resize 200% -filter Lanczos output.png

But for there is imageresizer:

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