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I want to use MDM to manage number of iOS devices.

According to documentation I do not need anything installed on device. In that case when device receives a notification from APNS server, how will it come to know that this notificaation is for MDM?

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Push Notification String: {"aps":{},"mdm":"MagicPushDeviceCode"}.

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I tried using $payload['aps'] = array(); $payload['mdm'] = 'ASamplePushMagicString'; $payload = json_encode($payload); I have a php file in server url of my configuration profile which creates and writes the response to a txt file. But after pushing the payload nothing happens.. :( Please help – Manmay Feb 28 '12 at 9:24

You need to install at least a root certificate from the MDM-Company (in your case your software / yourself need to deploy the root certificate to the endusers device). As soon as the device has the root certificate installed, you can send some MDM json payloads through APNS.

I think you can deploy the root certificate with many ways including download in safari on your iOS or also with the configuration utility.

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Thanks man it helped a lot!! – Aditya Athavale Oct 19 '11 at 4:46

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