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I am a newbie to the .net developing world.
I want to display a set of records on my asp.net page.

On a grid control (gridview, repeater etc), I want to display the list of sales people and the clients that they represent.

This is how it needs to look on my asp page:

Employee ID: 123456
Name:  John
Last Name: Smith
Email: johnsmith@abc.com
Phone: 201-123-4567

Client - 1
ClientID: 11111111
Client Name: XYZ Company
Client Contact: John Q Public
Client Phone: 201-222-3333

Client - 2
ClientID: 2222222
Client Name: Widget Company
Client Contact: George Williams
Client Phone: 201-333-4444

Client - 3
ClientID: 3333333
Client Name: Acme Products
Client Contact: Steve Mason
Client Phone: 201-444-3333

My sql query is something like:

Select sales.firstname, sales.lastname, sales.email, sales.phone sales.clientid from sales

select client.id, client.name, client.contact, client.phone from client, where sales.clientid = sales.clientid

The code would loop for all sales records

How would my syntax be structured?

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Following examples should help you.



you'll need to change the query accordingly though.

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You need to handle the RowDataBound event of GridView. In this handler, you have to obtain the reference of Repeater control and bind the dataSource of client table for associated employee id.

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