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see, i am developing a web application that downloads files from a server via http requests, but in a case the file isn't in the server but in the applet itself, i mean, some binary content is dynamically generated inside the applet and it must be downloaded. Of course i can use the java libraries to save the file in the client file system (if the applet is a signed one), but i was wondering if it can be done connecting the java OutputStream to the browser's download window, in other words, start a download from an applet. Am i a crazy person ?

by the way, is it possible to do something similar from javascript ?

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No, it is not possible to get around security by attaching the output of an applet to the standard file download mechanisms of a browser.

OTOH, since the Next Generation Java Plug-In, it is no longer necessary to have a signed and trusted applet in order to save files(/bytes) to the local file-system. Chase the links in the Applet info. page for more details. For a demo. of using the JNLP API services (that the plug-in2 hooks into for this functionality) see the File service demo..

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thak you !!!!!! –  Hanoi Oct 18 '11 at 11:21

You can if e.g. you upload the file to the server and then force browser (via LiveConnect or otherwise) to open that file from the server.

As far as I'm aware, there's no cross-browser way to emulate downloading from within an applet. So you should create that download yourself, and let browser do what it does best.

Obviously, it might well make sense to move the actual creation of the stream to your server side.

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thak you !!!!!! –  Hanoi Oct 18 '11 at 11:21

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