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I found a code that takes care of opening popup window I need:

 function winOpen(theURL, Name, popW, popH, scroll) { // V 1.0
 var winleft = (screen.width - popW) / 2;
 var winUp = (screen.height - popH) / 2;
 winProp =
'width='+popW+',height='+popH+',left='+winleft+',t op='+winUp+',scrollbars='+scroll+','
  Win =, Name, winProp)
    if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4){

Is it possible to include here functions, that are commited when the window is closed, or does it require a separate function call somewhere? I'm calling window open on a html link.

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The page you are showing inside the popup could have an event handler attached to the body's onunload or onbeforeunload (I think that is IE only). That will fire if the document unloads (who would have guessed that?). If you don't ave links inside the document that will unload it, you can take this event as an indicator that your window has been closed.

Second possibility: add a watchdog.

var watcherID = setInterval(function()
  if (Win.closed)
    // Do what you have to do.
}, 400);
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You should indent your code a little to make it more readable. Also, you can use win.closed to see it's closed onunload, but make sure to wait a little before checking:

function winOpen(theURL, Name, popW, popH, scroll) { // V 1.0
    var winleft = (screen.width - popW) / 2,
        winUp   = (screen.height - popH) / 2,

        winProp = 'width=' + popW 
                   + ',height=' + popH 
                   + ',left=' + winleft 
                   + ',top=' + winUp 
                   + ',scrollbars=' + scroll + ',',

        win     =, Name, winProp);

    win.onunload = function() {
        setTimeout(function() {
            if(win.closed) {
        }, 100);

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