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I am trying to use setenv variable in my makefile but when I execute my make file it gives setenv: command not found.

How can I use it?

Actually I wanted to run a shell script which sets multiple environment variables.

Since the list is very huge I dont have an option except to use the scripts. I cant set them manually like abcd:= /xx/yy/zz

Please suggest.

P.S. the same command setenv xxx yyy works very well in shell it just fails when I use in makefile directly or makefile with a script having this command. '

Thanks, Praveen

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Why do not you use export command ?

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actually I have pre-written scripts which I used to run on shell now I want to move it to make file. There are lot of places where I used this command and manually convering all to export will kill lots of my time. – coolcracker Oct 18 '11 at 11:28
"manually converting" ? why not use a perl one-liner to replace them all ? – siukurnin Oct 24 '13 at 11:24

Look at

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Running the script to set the environment variable will not work as the shell run a separate process & will not reflect in your current shell. You will need to source the shell script. You can use source or . based on your shell. Following is a sample for your reference where sets a variable & prints it; in the Makefile (mkfile) is being sourced using .

$ cat 

export TEST=ABC 

$ cat 

echo $TEST
$ cat mkfile
    . ./ && ./

$ make -f mkfile

You can also include I guess for example,

$ cat mkfile2 

$ make -f mkfile2

Hope this helps!

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I think setenv is not a builtin to the sh shell. If you are using GNU Make that is the default shell used. In your situation you probably want to use a different shell, like bash. You do this by setting the SHELL variable in the makefile to what you want like:

SHELL := /usr/bin/bash

For more information checkout this section of the GNU Make manual. It details the different behavior of the SHELL variable and how it is, or isn't inherited from the shell make is invoked from on different platforms.

EDIT: I agree with the implication of the other posters that you are probably not setting enviroment variables the way you think you should be and would not be using the setenv command at. I am just responding to your original question. To learn about variables in make files checkout these other sections in the GNU Make manual.

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Thanks for the information.. it helps :) – coolcracker Oct 21 '11 at 6:41

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