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I want to authenticate within my app to facebook and after that post programatically on someone elses wall that I have started using my app. Is that possible to do on iPhone? Is there any central authentication module for iphone from which I can use a token to access facebook? I don't want new users to need to type in credentials into my app and after that again have to type in credentials to facebook.

Thanks, Maciej

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Take a look at OAuth –  Rob Oct 18 '11 at 11:46

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Have a look at http://developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication/

The method you'll call is in Facebook.m. Here's an example:

[self.facebook authorizeWithPermissions:somePermissions delegate:self];

Once you've called the authorizeWithPermissions, you will receive some delegate call backs:

 * Called when the user has logged in successfully.
- (void)fbDidLogin 
   // Do something with self.facebook.expirationDate and self.facebook.accessToken 

With self.facebook.expirationDate and self.facebook.accessToken, you might wish to save them in the NSUserDefaults so the user doesn't have to reauthorise every time.

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use OAuth for authentication and graph api of facebook..

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Use Facebook Graph API.. read developers documentation

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