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I am new to rhomobile so let me begin.

I am able to view the device rho-log file on my android device. There is a few options when the window opens "Refresh,Clear,Send,Close".

Question 1. When I press send where does it get sent to?

Question 2. Is it possible to send it somewhere so I could download it as .txt file on a desktop and view it.

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

In the rhoconfig.txt file of the root directory, there is a logserver property that points to a URL where the log will be posted to, logserver = 'http://yourloggerapp.heroku.com'

You can find the logging application to stand up on Heroku (quickly, but can be deployed anywhere) here. This application is set up to hook into an Amazon S3 server, but again, can be modified to store the log files anywhere.

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You can set this variable at runtime:

  Rho::RhoConfig.logserver = 'http://yourserver.com/logs'

Or this fixed parameter in rhoconfig.txt:

  logserver = 'http://yourserver.com/logs

When the user press the "Send" button your server will receive a POST request in this URL:

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