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I am new to cakePHP and I am tring the blog example of cakePHP 1.3 book . I correctly upload image in this blog example.The image name in database and image in DOCUMENT_ROOT/....correctly but now I am wanted to show image in my blog with related post.

I am using this code for image upload...

 function add() {

if (!empty($this->data)) {
        $file = new File($this->data["Image"]["image"]["name"]);
        $ext = $file->ext();

        if ($ext != 'jpg' && $ext != 'jpeg' && $ext != 'gif' && $ext != 'png') {
 $this->Session->setFlash('You may only upload image files.');
         if(move_uploaded_file($this->data["Image"]["image"]                ["tmp_name"],$_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."test_om/blog/app/webroot/img/upload_image/"
                 . $this->data["Image"]["image"]["name"]) == true){
             $this->data["Post"]["image"] =  $this->data["Image"]["image"]["name"];

    $this->Session->setFlash('Your post has been saved.');
        $this->redirect(array('action' => 'index'));


and i am showing image form this code

       <?php echo $this->Html->image('/img/upload_image/1.gif'); ?>

and this show same image with all post. but i am wanted to set specfic image with its related post....

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is your image being uploaded correctly? is it exists in path it should be? – user973254 Oct 18 '11 at 12:15
yes,my image is uploaded correctly in this path folder and image name in database table, but now i am wanted to show this image on my blog with related post..plz help – omnath Oct 18 '11 at 12:32
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If you are sure you are getting everything correct (in the database and the file where it should be) you should use something like this in the view.

<?php echo $this->Html->image($this->data['Post']['image']); ?>

this is assuming you are passing the data from the controller in the way described in the tutorial to a view view :)

if is an index view you should have a variable posts that have all post info, and in the view you will be in a loop like a foreach ($post as $post). Assuming this your view should have something like this:

<?php echo $this->Html->image($post['Post']['image']); ?>

Suggestion: use debug kit (cakephp plugin) so you can see what variables are passed down and the structure (like a pr($variable))

Hope all this helps you, if not, comment this post so i can try to extend my answer if needed

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i use your code with image address just like....<?php echo $this->Html->image('/img/upload_image/'.$post['Post'] ['image']); ?> and its working correct...thanks for you help. – omnath Oct 19 '11 at 4:44
and is it possible to delete the image from saved folder if i delete the same post... – omnath Oct 19 '11 at 4:47
to delete an image from saved folder you have to do it php style or if you wan it cake style you may use the file class – api55 Oct 19 '11 at 12:21
i done it with if(isset($path)){ unlink($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."test_om/blog/app/webroot/img/upload_image/".$p‌​ath); } – omnath Oct 20 '11 at 4:42

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