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Got an error

uninitialized constant Formtastic::FormBuilder(NameError)

And this, in my config/initializers/client_side_validations.rb

require 'client_side_validations/formtastic' if defined?(::Firntastic)
#seems like comment this line out will fix the problem
#but I need Formtastic here

Did some research and found out this issue may probably caused by the version of client_side_validation.

Here by, I provied the version of the gem


If you know anything about this, anything, do tell me.

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well, I use client_side_validations 3.0.5 instead of 3.1.0 and seems problem sloved –  castiel Oct 18 '11 at 12:55

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Looks to my eyes like a couple of typos: "Firntastic" and "formstastic". You've probably solved this already, but if not, give those a look.

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