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I am interested in creating tables in a PDF document with XML using iTextSharp. I cannot afford the book, and i cant find any examples on the web. I also need to be able to make cellspanning and avoid page breaks in the middle of a table. I would rather prefer the table being sent to the next page.

This is the example ive been follwing: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/66948/Rendering-PDF-views-in-ASP-MVC-using-iTextSharp.aspx

Does anyone know how to accomplish this or can direct me to some tutorials?


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If you're using iTextSharp 4.x then you can continue using ITextHandler to parse iText-specific XML. To the best of my knowledge this feature has been removed from the 5.x versions so unfortunately you're going to have a hard time find support for it. Below is the DTD for the iText XML, hopefully this will help.

I can't say why it was removed but I can guess that it had something to do with the fact that if you can write XML you might as well just write regular code. Also, building and maintaining a PDF library while also maintaining a meta-language (XML) for your library is a lot of hassle. So know this, I would personally recommend skipping the XML and just working with the native iTextSharp library.

    This DTD can be used to validate the output of XmlWriter.
    XmlWriter is part of the iText library by lowagie.com

    For further information, see: http://www.lowagie.com/iText/

    Copyright 2001 by Bruno Lowagie
    All Rights Reserved.

<!ENTITY % chunk.content "#PCDATA | newline | newpage | entity | ignore">
<!ENTITY % phrase.content "chunk | anchor | phrase | list | table | annotation">

<!ENTITY % color.attributes
"red      CDATA   #IMPLIED
 green    CDATA   #IMPLIED
 blue     CDATA   #IMPLIED"
<!ENTITY % font.attributes
"font     CDATA   #IMPLIED
 size     CDATA   #IMPLIED
 style    CDATA   #IMPLIED
 color    CDATA   #IMPLIED
<!ENTITY % phrase.attributes
"leading  CDATA   #IMPLIED"
<!ENTITY % paragraph.attributes
"align    CDATA   #IMPLIED"
<!ENTITY % indentation.attributes
"indentationleft    CDATA   #IMPLIED
 indentationright   CDATA   #IMPLIED"
<!ENTITY % section.attributes
"depth              CDATA   #IMPLIED
 numberdepth        CDATA   #IMPLIED
 indent             CDATA   #IMPLIED"
<!ENTITY % rectangle.attributes
"bgred              CDATA   #IMPLIED
 bggreen            CDATA   #IMPLIED
 bgblue             CDATA   #IMPLIED
 width              CDATA   #IMPLIED
 bordercolor        CDATA   #IMPLIED
 backgroundcolor    CDATA   #IMPLIED
 left               CDATA   #IMPLIED
 right              CDATA   #IMPLIED
 top                CDATA   #IMPLIED
 bottom             CDATA   #IMPLIED
 borderwidth        CDATA   #IMPLIED
 grayfill           CDATA   #IMPLIED"

<!ELEMENT itext (%chunk.content; | %phrase.content; | chapter | paragraph)*>
<!ATTLIST itext
    title       CDATA   #IMPLIED
    subject     CDATA   #IMPLIED
    keywords    CDATA   #IMPLIED
    author      CDATA   #IMPLIED

<!ATTLIST symbol
    id      CDATA #REQUIRED

<!ELEMENT chunk (%chunk.content;)*> 
<!ATTLIST chunk
    subsupscript        CDATA   #IMPLIED
    localgoto           CDATA   #IMPLIED
    localdestination    CDATA   #IMPLIED
    generictag          CDATA   #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT phrase (%chunk.content; | %phrase.content;)*> 
<!ATTLIST phrase

<!ELEMENT anchor (%chunk.content; | %phrase.content;)*> 
<!ATTLIST anchor
    name       CDATA   #IMPLIED
    reference  CDATA   #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT paragraph (%chunk.content; | %phrase.content; | image)*> 
<!ATTLIST paragraph

<!ELEMENT list (listitem | ignore)*> 
<!ATTLIST list
    numbered       CDATA   #IMPLIED
    symbolindent   CDATA   #IMPLIED
    first          CDATA   #IMPLIED
    listsymbol     CDATA   #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT listitem (%chunk.content; | %phrase.content; | image)*> 
<!ATTLIST listitem

<!ELEMENT chapter (title?, sectioncontent) >
<!ATTLIST chapter

<!ELEMENT section (title?, sectioncontent) >
<!ATTLIST section

<!ELEMENT title (%chunk.content; | phrase | chunk | annotation)*> 
<!ATTLIST title

<!ELEMENT sectioncontent (%chunk.content; | %phrase.content; | section | paragraph | image)*>

<!ELEMENT table (cell*)>
<!ATTLIST table
    columns        CDATA   #IMPLIED
    lastHeaderRow  CDATA   #IMPLIED
    cellpadding    CDATA   #IMPLIED
    cellspacing    CDATA   #IMPLIED
    widths         CDATA   #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT row (cell*)>
<!ELEMENT cell (%chunk.content; | %phrase.content; | paragraph | image)*>
<!ATTLIST cell
    colspan    CDATA   #IMPLIED
    rowspan    CDATA   #IMPLIED
    header     CDATA   #IMPLIED
    nowrap     CDATA   #IMPLIED

<!ATTLIST image
    url             CDATA   #REQUIRED
    align           CDATA   #IMPLIED
    underlying      CDATA   #IMPLIED
    textwrap        CDATA   #IMPLIED
    alt             CDATA   #IMPLIED
    absolutex       CDATA   #IMPLIED
    absolutey       CDATA   #IMPLIED
    plainwidth      CDATA   #IMPLIED
    plainheight     CDATA   #IMPLIED
    rotation        CDATA   #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT annotation EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST annotation
    title       CDATA   #IMPLIED
    content     CDATA   #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT newpage EMPTY>
<!ELEMENT newline EMPTY>
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