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I have a website http://www.domain.com and I am creating a separate section just for the iPad. I will be putting that in its own directory, http://www.domain.com/ipad/ is there a way for it to pull the contents of the /ipad/ folder but only show www.domain.com?

Hope that makes sense.


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Do you have any example of a website doing this? Isn't a better option to serve this content from a specific mobile version, something like "m.domain.com"?


You can also do this. Use browser sniffing to serve a different stylesheet for the content if it is an HTTP request from an iPad. However, browser sniffing hardly works and it create good web-dev #fail joke memes. So, IMHO, using m.domain.com is the safest bet.

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aHave your website serve iPad-specific contents if incoming request has user agent string set to iPad's (see this question).

PArticular implementation of serving content based on browser user-agents depends on which webserver / application container etc. you use.

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I would not recommend doing this unless the content is significantly different for the iPad. This has SEO ramifications as well.

If the content is the same, a better approach is to use CSS media queries and serve a iPad styled version of the same website.

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