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I'm using SimpleJdbcTemplate to fetch a list of records from a database. Each record corresponds to a data model object. I have searched in the internet a lot but I still can't figure out how to fetch multiple rows from a database using generic row mapper.

Say I need to fetch a list of objects of type SampleObj.

How will I define the parameterized row mapper? How will I get the list of the SampleObj type objects?

Whenever I try creating a row mapper, the return type from the row mapper is always detected as a single object rather than a list. Please help.

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The RowMapper maps one row. When you execute a query, every row returned is mapped, and you get a List back. Just try it, and it'll work the way you want. There are examples of doing so throughout the JDBC chapter of the Spring reference guide.

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Thanks Ryan. I have tried various things till now. but now it worked. I was using queryForList to get the list of objects. But it was returning list of Maps. It worked when I used query(). –  Sanjay Nambiar Oct 18 '11 at 13:22

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