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When I trigger jeditable I want to set the initial textarea value to an empty string, hence:

function wireupTagInPlaceEditing() {
    $('.newtag-editable-target').editable(submitTagEdit, {
        event: 'tagthumbnailnewtag',
        type: 'textarea',
        submit: 'Ok',
        cancel: 'Cancel',
        cssclass: 'tag-inplace-textarea-edit'

    $('.newtag-editable-target').click(function () {
function submitTagEdit(value, settings) {
    alert('tag edit complete ' + value);

However, on completion of the edit, value is empty (even though I have entered something). Do I need to do something special to wire-up the value and settings parameters? I am using jeditable 1.7.1

Edit Snippet of my html:

<ul><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="xx8REtGOuEiPGwRuTxtC7w==">Articulated Truck</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="93yW9fJP7EeHwmPhKVcXLw==">Backhoe Loader</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="/lYmf80zA0u1UBpP9fYwjg==">Cold Planers</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="QRK9mI5xlkaWVD1EgSd48A==">Compactors</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="s9ckJ+/41U+xU+OZ2vQGvA==">Compact Track and Multi-terrain Loader</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="wtdp/loQp0e00akaU3hIvw==">Feller Buncher</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="zsaNLg3640ill5KBTJ3QVQ==">Forest Machines</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="rungSduACkqkoMKR0JKl0Q==">Forwarders</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="Qjez3j0CAE26gTbUf9CbJg==">Harvesters</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="B6JDNj8HD0yNaSHT5asKMQ==">Hydraulic Excavators</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="Ib9gJT8zBkmoVB3KM0eQSw==">Industrial Loaders</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="2782jTgXCEevbAsqm1rSnw==">Knuckleboom Loaders</div></li><li><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext" tagkey="9dCpblCyxUe4v2Hx8/4ufQ==">Material Handlers</div></li><li class="clickfornewtag"><div class="tagtitle">Machine</div><div class="tagtext newtag-editable-target">click here to add a new Machine tag</div></li></ul>

Edit2 The following amendment works:

$('.newtag-editable-target').click(function () {
        setTimeout(function () {
        }, 1);

No idea what's going on.

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Try returning the value in your submitTagEdit function:

function submitTagEdit(value, settings) {
    alert('tag edit complete ' + value);
    return value;
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thanks, have tried your suggestion but doesn't help. And I really need to know the value when I'm still in submitTagEdit. –  Journeyman Oct 18 '11 at 13:17
Hmmm that's really odd, I have almost the exact same code and it works, let me take a good look and compare –  Gazillion Oct 18 '11 at 13:19
I have edited my question to include the html snippet I'm using. I want to click the last <li> to edit it - perhaps my html structures are causing the problem? –  Journeyman Oct 18 '11 at 13:25
Also, interestingly, if I comment out the line where I set the textarea val('') then it all works... –  Journeyman Oct 18 '11 at 13:29
jsfiddle.net/vbtrN I wish I had a better explanation to give you but the function you're attaching on your editable region's onClick is confusing the script. I commented out both lines and I made your script jeditable regions open up on the click event to get what I think you're thinking of. –  Gazillion Oct 18 '11 at 13:34

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