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I am looking for some good online sources which explain process sychronization,process and threads with practical examples.

i have gone through a lot of theoritical stuff but always face confusion and difficulties when actually trying implement them.

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This is a link where you can find the code very useful for thread synchronization.

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I started on Tanenbaum's (Wikipedia) "Modern Operating Systems" book then moved on to Linux From Scratch. For practical examples OSDev here and here is a mine of information when you become really hands on. Otherwise, for Windows specifics there are no shortage of books or MSDN literature.

I found Tanenbaum a very entertaining read, he invented the Minix OS which he uses for real world examples. Minix is from around the same era as Linux. Have a look at some of the very early Linux source code release (eg 0.1 or therabouts if you don't want to lose a year of your life studying pure code).

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Minix is actually quite a bit older than Linux -- though Linux may seem older, since it's mostly a clone of an even older system. –  Jerry Coffin Oct 18 '11 at 15:06

Wikipedia Is Always The Best Online Tutorial Guide. However u can also Check This Link.. If you would like to go with a Pdf Book then u can click Here.. Its really Good Book

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this link for NACHOS may be a good help for you. In our undergraduate class we did some good assignments in OS course.

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